Dance in the Rain


There is a website called where people from various walks of life come together and share their poetic views. There are members from different countries regardless of the age that separates them. Simply put, it is a site for poetry lovers who write for the pleasure of it and allow their deepest thoughts to flow in the form of colourful words. While browsing through it, one thing that strikes a similar cord in many of the poems is that of pain, a cry of some kind of emptiness.

Despite great work of arts that come from many talented poets, there is a tinge of darkness that shawdows and encircles the sweetness of life. The teenage lot going through a phase that they thing is really misunderstood by the rest. They form poetry of the crazy things that they do, like cutting themselves for moments that pained them too deeply. It’s like there are no other forms of punishment for their actions. And there are those who drown in the pool of heartaches and broken hearts. They express them in words, even mentioning extreme steps that had almost taken. Thankfully, there is poetry to stop them from doing so. Maybe not really, but it did prevent them in some way.

Some of them in sickness of a serious kind. They write still with a hope of making the most of their unpredictable lives. But whose is predictable anyway? A number of them just questioning the mysteries of life. Nobody really knows. Probably, none is there to answer them all. And there are those still seeking for some peace, some solitude, longing for a little more comfort. Some hating themselves for whatever they are. But the good news is there are also those contented, feeling blessed and letting their words flow in gratitude and praise. Those cheery lines never fail to lift somebody’s spirit.

Varieties of things fill the site. The poetry world is a depiction of real living for people bring in shades of colours and tell their stories. The amazing thing is we can all relate to the things that a person in another corner of the world experiences. It simply proves we are all humans feeling and experiencing similar things at different places.

It seems easier to stay sad than to be happy, to cause pain than to heal it, to anger people than appreciating them, to hate than to love, to break rules than to make one, to cry than to laugh, to frown than to smile – the truth behind it is negative things easily take its toll on us and once they blur our visions we become blind to the good in life. We forget to dance when the sun stops shining. When some really difficult phase comes pressing towards us, we lose our grip on the things that once kept us happy. Sometimes we are put down the drains by unexpected storms. We would stay there forever if we do not pull our strength to wake up and walk again.

Like so many of the poets in All Poetry, there could be so many things troubling the hell out of us, some urge to find an answer that may never be found or going through terrible phases of heartbreaks and losses, even having regrets that you can never redo again or having a hole in your soul-an emptiness inside you which probably is because you need to find a purpose in life or any other problems that keep visiting us in small and big measures.

We could be harmed tremendously in a few moments of hardships but every dawn is a promise that the sun will shine again. So, don’t forget to dance in the rain whenever the clouds gather and get grey.

In my twenties ~ that wavy age where times seem hardest, yet very adventurous too. You are not too young niether old. Deciding phases, getting serious kind of phase where Life brings you a lot of tides to ride. But I love every moment of it. I love the lovely times I can count on, even the ugliest of situations. They make me a better person. With dreams in my pocket, seeing them taking buds am gonna do all I can let them take their flight. Someday I hope to see them flowered and be happy enough that for once i did something worth celebrating. And that’s gonna be Life… celebrating every moment of it.


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