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Hi there.

by gigi danielle on January 30, 2014

in Yours Truly

I almost forgot how to log into this thing. But before I go into where I’ve been…how is are all of you? I’m well and have a lot to share. Here goes…

In January 2013 after I had killed myself to make christmas gifts for friends and family, I could not stand the sight of my sewing machine. Participating in social media and reading blogs also started to irritate me. So I took a break from it all. My favorite hobbies, sewing and blogging, felt like another job. To my dismay my creative outlet had become a source of moan and groan.

In 2013 I wanted to try something different. I had been diligent about that blog life for the last two years. Maybe I’m getting old maturing…all of these feelings did arise shortly after my 30th birthday. Anyhow. Blog life and social media does have a positive side. The speed at which news travels on media is insane and the world is at your fingertips 24/7. But the negatives started to outweigh the positives. I felt like everyone on blogs or media was doing one of three things. Watching other people to criticize or gossip, perpetrating a fraud, or measuring themselves against the lives of others. I can honestly say that I too fell victim to these. It just became too much and too negative. First I tried to clean up my accounts. Thinking hmmm, every time Sally Sue posts a pic I turn my nose up and wonder what the hell was she thinking. So let’s unfollow Sally Sue. True story, Sally Sue left me a nice message (no really it was nice) basically letting me know that she knew that I unfollowed her. Mmmmk. Guess someone is watching their follower count pretty hard. But we’ve all been there. Being social media friends with certain people because we are expected to. But it’s really just not that deep folks. I started to ask myself why am I putting my life on display for these people and pretending to care about theirs. As a blogger, instead of living I was documenting. Aint nobody got time for that. So I closed all of my accounts (except Pinterest :=)) and I decided to live in 2013.

And boy. What a year it was. My boyfriend and I had been in a semi long distance relationship when a career opportunity moved him from Philadelphia to New York City. In 2013, we both found new jobs and relocated to the Washington D.C. metro area together. The new and wonderful life experiences that followed that decision are too many to name. I have close friends nearby which I haven’t had in ages. I’m also in the process of applying to grad school. GMAT under my belt, 1 application in, 1 to go. I’ve just been busy with real life as opposed to digital life and it’s awesome. Trying to maintain my health, sanity, relationship, home, job, dog, hair (lol) etc. on a daily basis means I have plenty to do and very few dull moments. And for now I am content.

I still love being crafty, taking pictures, styling myself and running my Etsy shop was pretty fun. So I do believe I will jump back into that when I get a free minute. But what the future holds for, I can’t really say. If you are in the D.C. area let’s meet for brunch or tea! TTYL.


DIY Diaries: Layered In Fur

by gigi danielle on February 8, 2013

in Made By Me / DIY,My Style Book

Post image for DIY Diaries: Layered In Fur

When my favorite cousin mentioned that she was cutting her hand-me-down mink coat into a vest, of course I asked for the scraps. Inspired by my DIY Christmas gifts, I decided a fur snood would be perfect. Although very easy to create, the documentation process was hell. I got a few decent pics but they didn’t tell a good story. Guess it’s time for me to move on to videos…


  • Cut the fur into a rectangle approximately 12″ by 36″.
  • Place the fur right sides together along the length of the fabric and pin.
  • Once you have sewn this seam, confusingly flip the scarf inside out a few times in order to properly connect the ends. o_O

Since I love you guys and I know those instructions make absolutely no sense at all, I found a youtuber that used a similar method. Check it out here.

Call PETA if you want. But this is softest, warmest thing on the planet. I finally broke out my new moto jacket last weekend to hit the streets for shopping and dinner. The snood was an awesome compliment to the look.

Zara Moto Jacket (similar)| J.Crew Button Down Blouse | BDG Jeans | Free People Tall Boots (similar) | 3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel


Post image for Philadelphia Style Magazine Winter Issue Release Party

Although Philadelphia Style Magazine only publishes 6 issues per year, they do an awesome job of promoting them. They have a release party hosted by the cover celebrity to launch each issue. These are my kind of people. Good food and great people. And boy am I glad to be on their invite list. Check out a few snaps from the winter issue launch party that I attended last month.

I absolutely died for this look. I smell several DIYs coming on. I’m still coming out of my holiday induced fashion rut. Bear with me. :)


On the cover: Josie Maran, model turned makeup mogul.

Be Inspired: The Educated Eye.

January 18, 2013
Thumbnail image for Be Inspired: The Educated Eye.

You would think that I’d have a clue when it comes to interior decorating.  It entails combining complimentary colors and prints with interesting textures to create an attractive silhouette.  Executing this is second nature when it comes to wardrobe styling.  Interiors?  Not so much.  I know a striking interior design when I see it, but [...]

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Onward And Upward.

January 16, 2013
Thumbnail image for Onward And Upward.

So yeah.  I took some time off.  It felt great spending time with family and friends, enjoying life and catching up on some much needed sleep.  It’s a new year and you’re probably hoping to hear some resolutions, but… I don’t make resolutions.  The idea of proclaiming a lot and accomplishing little gives me anxiety. [...]

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DIY Diaries: The Handmade Christmas Edition

December 30, 2012
Thumbnail image for DIY Diaries: The Handmade Christmas Edition

So…two weeks before Christmas I figured I should get started on gift making. Shopping was out of the question for me this year, so I had to make it work. My hoarder like tendencies actually came in handy this year. I ended up having most of the materials in my stash, which meant I cut [...]

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Style Book: Oldie But Goodie

December 14, 2012
Thumbnail image for Style Book: Oldie But Goodie

I attended a style event this week, from which I am still editing photos, but I wanted to give you guys a peak at what I wore.  I could not wait to slip into my new purple sheath and black pumps!  I paired them with my favorite necklace, a DIY’d clutch, and Joan Clayton hair.  Easy [...]

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More On Wardrobe Building & A Mini Haul

December 11, 2012
Thumbnail image for More On Wardrobe Building & A Mini Haul

So instead of working on my list of projects, I’ve been really into shopping lately.  I blame it on the holiday season.  Anywho, I took stock in my recent purchases and found that I scored to awesome style staples.  Warning: These items that will be repeat offenders in Style Book posts because I love them [...]

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Wardrobe Building Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint.

December 5, 2012
Thumbnail image for Wardrobe Building Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint.

So the other day (which happened to be my 30th birthday) I decided that I needed a black leather pump.  Not now, but right now. We’ve all been there, you have the perfect outfit and the not so perfect shoe option.  Of course I realized this in the 11th hour.  I’m thinking “No big deal, [...]

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7 Noteworthy Cyber Monday Deals.

November 26, 2012

Sure, all the major retailers are offering 20 to 50% off of their beloved merchandise all over the net today, but I’m only participating in a few sales.  After all, the real sales begin after Christmas, so there’s no need to go broke today. 20% off – Black Friday/Small Business Saturday were very good [...]

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Style Book: Channeling Boho Chic

November 20, 2012
Thumbnail image for Style Book: Channeling Boho Chic

Somehow I managed to put this look together without realizing I was serving all types of Boho.  With the DIY turban on my forehead, slouchy vest, and satchel, I’m ready for Woodstock of ’69. Let’s talk about these fringe ankle booties I scored courtesy of JustFab during fashion week.  They are super comfortable, which is my top [...]

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